Popular Dishes


Crunchy tortilla chips loaded with zesty salsa, smoky BBQ sauce, melted cheese, cajun chicken strips, creamy guacamole, and a dollop of sour cream.

Cajun Chicken Nachos

Chicken & Steak Fajitas

Fiesta Mexicana's famous sizzling fajitas, loaded with onions, peppers, and warm tortillas, presented tableside with an array of delicious dips.

Spicy Ground Beef Tacos

Pair of crispy corn tacos generously stuffed with pico de gallo, jalapenos, and cheese. Served alongside mixed greens, sour cream, and spicy ground beef.


Rack of BBQ Ribs

Tender pork ribs baked in our signature smoked honey BBQ sauce, served with house fries, mixed salad, and crispy coleslaw.

Golden and crispy - Cream cheese-filled jalapeno peppers, breaded and deep-fried to perfection. Served with a tantalizing salsa dip.

Cream Cheese Jalapenos

Buffalo T-Bone Steak

It’s not really buffalo folks! But it’s BIG!

A perfectly chargrilled 16oz prime T-Bone steak, served with house fries, and a mixed salad.

"Delicious! Fresh Food!"